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Your Vet's Office: A Helpful Place

When you love your pet, looking at the sheer list of diseases to which they are susceptible can be heartbreaking. There's parvo, rabies, distemper, salmonella — and those are just a few of the contagious diseases! Thankfully, there is a place where you can get some peace of mind, and that is within your vet's office. Your vet can not only vaccinate your pet against various illnesses, they can also offer you various disease-prevention tips to help keep your furry friend in good shape. Read the articles on this blog for more information, and rest assured that you'll be a better-informed pet owner.


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Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays can be an exciting time and maybe you even let your dog or cat get in on the excitement by giving them some special treats in the spirit of the holidays. Just be careful to make sure that your pet does not get into something that could be harmful to it while all of the holiday chaos is in progress. Here are some tips to help protect your favorite little friend this holiday season. 

Careful With the Chocolate

The holiday season is often candy and sweets season for many families. If you regularly put out chocolate or any other type of candy that might be harmful to your pet, be aware of where the candy is in relation to your pet at all times. You don't want the potentially dangerous candy to be reachable by a jumping dog or cat, for example. If you drop something on the floor, make sure you pick it up before your little friend gets to it.

Tell Guests Not to Feed Your Pets

You might be welcoming guests into your home this holiday and some of them might like doting on your pets, especially other people's small children. If you don't normally feed your pet table scraps (and you shouldn't), don't let one of your guests start doing it now. Make this rule very clear when everyone sits down to eat or remove your pet from the dining room entirely.

Be Aware of Hazardous Decor

Dogs and cats can both be curious about the new decor going up around the house, with trees and ornaments often topping that list. Make sure your tree is secured so that it doesn't fall onto your pet. If you have had trouble in years past with the cat getting inside the tree or the dog eating a branch, maybe reconsider the room where you put certain decorations going forward and keep your pet out of that room.

Offer a Safe Space

If your pet freaks out when there are large groups of people in the home, have a dedicated room your pet can escape to if needed. You might even want to be proactive and put your pet in a room and close the door. Give it some food and water and don't forget to take it outside if it's a dog, of course. Your dog might not like being separated from you but that might be preferable to your pet freaking out on one of your guests.

Contact Your Vet

If you encounter any issues with your pet this holiday season, know the name of a local vet you can contact for immediate help. Schedule an appointment today if you haven't taken your pet to the veterinarian in a bit.